Free Facilitation Training – London 25th of August

Meetings! Loads of people organise through meetings, and a good meeting or a bad meeting can make all the difference. Facilitation can seem intimidating, or is often not well understood, but it’s a core part of good meetings.

This training will dig down into what makes a good facilitator, and give you some good practice at it.

We will:

  • understand and practice ‘active listening’
  • chat about what meetings are for, and what makes a good meeting
  • discuss power and responsibility in meetings
  • work out what makes a great facilitator
  • talk about the different parts of a meeting, and preparing for meetings
  • discuss ‘dominant’ or ‘challenging’ behaviour in meetings, while thinking about power and privilege
  • work out tools for holding space for people in meetings

Does this sound good to you? Reserve your place and find out our venue by emailing [email protected]

The workshop is from 10 am to 5 pm on the 25th of August.

The venue will be wheelchair accessible and have an accessible toilet. It is in central London.

We will have regular breaks as part of the day, and participants are encouraged to bring something as part of a shared lunch.