The Role of Radical Speculative Fiction

Workshop + Zine Making: Seeing Beyond the Crises

2 PM – 5 PM, 1 July 2017
Grow Heathrow, London

In our current context of Trump in the Whitehouse, austerity and crises across Europe, the rise of the far right and the ever looming threat of catastrophic climate change it can be hard to find hope for radical social change these days.

In this participatory workshop we’ll explore what it feels like to live in this world and examine the role speculative fiction, such as Ursula Le Guin’ – The Dispossessed or Marge Piercy’s – Woman on the Edge of Time, can play in helping us imagine better futures.

We’ll also have the chance to make our own zines of the futures we imagine.

The workshop will be held at Grow Heathrow, who some say is a squat-topia in our time. After the workshop stay for the open mic night and party from 7pm. There will be spaces for guests to stay the night.


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