Resist + Renew Cycle Summer School

16 August – 22 August 2017
London to Germany

This year we are happy to be collaborating with Time to Cycle running a cycling summer school exploring how to affect social change.

Over the five days of the cycle we will be taking time to hold workshops, discussions and games along the way, so we’ll be learning and sharing on the move!

The workshops will all be participatory and will evolve as the cycle goes on. However as a basic structure we will be exploring:

What are the crises we are living through and how does it feel to live in these times?

Who are we? What privileges, power and responsibilities do we have?

What action can we take to affect change in these times?

Whilst we will be cycling with the rest of the Time to Cycle crew, we are asking for separate registration for the Cycle School. This is because we want people to commit to the entire school as we are hoping to explore quite challenging themes so we’re hoping to keep a tight group and build group trust. However, we’re not looking to be a separate group and will be organising games and sharing circles for the whole group too.

Alongside, this event we will be cycling to Ende Gelande, the largest mass action against a open pit coal mine in the Rhineland, Germany.

To sign up – simply send us an email to [email protected] saying who you are and why you’re interested in taking part in the Cycle School.